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A children's physical fitness and sports coaching programme that promotes health, breeds movement confidence, develops fundamental skills and improves sports performance.

Why This Programme Is Like No Other?

  • Highly Experienced Professional Sports Coaching Staff
  • Sports Science and Evidence Based
  • Backgrounds in Pediatric Exercise
  • Child Development Specialist
  • Sports Conditioning Specialist
  • Specialist in Long-Term Athlete Development
  • Specialist in Sports Programme Design
  • Specialist in Physical Literacy Development
  • Corrective Exercise Coaching

About Us

With over 27 years of experience in sports coaching, athletic development and child development we recognise the importance of high quality foundational level coaching.

Age Groups

Right Start Infants

Give your child the right start in life with our right start programme. Your child's early years offers a unique opportunity to help, support and develop their motor skill development. Our Right Start programme offers specially developed motor skill training wrapped up in a fun and playful environment.

Fundamentals I

Our FUNdamentals programme continues on from our Right Start programme in that it continues to develop your child's motor skill repertoire. Your child will develop movement competency in a wide variety of skills setting the foundation for more sport and movement requirement in the future.

Fundamentals II

During the second phase of our FUNdamentals programme we continue developing appropriate motor skill development. But now also turn our attention to transferring the previously learnt movement skill to those of fundamental sports skills.

term-time coaching programme

Right Start - Amazing Infants

A baby plays with a mobile

3 -11 months

Stimulate movement and reach movement milestones

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Right Start - Terrific Tots

A toddler sits on a skateboard

12 - 36 months

Have fun with movement and develop movement capacity

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Right Start - Mini Movers

A toddler learns movement skills by climbing

3 -4 years old (Pre-School)

Have fun with movement and learn basic skills.

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Right Start - Active Movers

Children practice hula-hooping to improve their physical literacy

4 -6 years old

Have fun with movement and learn basic skills.

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FUNdamentals - Elite Movers

Children climb on a climbing frame

6-9 years old (Boys) & 6-8 years old (Girls)

Have fun with movement and develop overall motor skills

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FUNdamentals - Sports Movers

Children gain sports skills by playing basketball

9-12 years old (Boys) & 8-11 years old (Girls)

Have fun with movement and develop foundational sports skills

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The team

Daniel Church Bsc msc

Daniel Church BSC MSC

Coach Daniel has been working in exercise and coaching with a specialism in pediatric health and exercise.

peter j coniglio AFI ISRM NASM

Peter J Coniglio AFI ISRM NASM

Coach Peter has been involved in sports coaching, sports conditioning and corrective exercise for 27 years. He has lectured in pediatric exercise and has published a number of articles in athletic development for children.

RAchel Sys BA

Rachel SYS BA

Rachel is a Project Manager with 3 small children. She is helping Peter and Daniel bring their motor skills coaching to the children of Bristol.


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